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You’ve got questions? We have the answers:

Q1. I am not a writer. Can I still take advantage of this workshop?

A. Absolutely yes. Being a writer is not a prerequisite to become a copywriter. But having a good grasp at written English is a must. This includes basic grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Oh, and you must have fire in the belly to change your financial situation.

Q2. I am a content writer and want to switch to copywriting. Will this workshop help me?

A. A big YES. Dozens and dozens of content writers have already transitioned into copywriting after learning from me. And they absolutely love this new kind of highly-paid and extremely interesting form of writing.

Q3. Why are you giving away everything you know for such an unbelievably low price?

A. “It’s not about the money you make. It’s about the impact you make.” I’m here to share my knowledge and help others grow, change their financial situations, and live with their heads held high. Oh, and the prayers that my students send my way, make it absolutely worth it.

Q4. Is there a money back guarantee?

A. Yes. If you don’t experience the benefits promised on this page after watching the workshop and implementing the knowledge, then I’ll go ahead and refund 100% of your money back. No questions asked.
*Refunds must be requested within 30 days of purchasing the workshop.

Q5. What happens after I have made the payment?

A. Once you have made the payment and submitted the payment screenshot, my team will verify the payment and send you instant access to the AKC Copywriting Workshop and all the bonuses via email. You can also get in touch with me directly via email in case of any issues at: [email protected]

Q6. How long do I have access to the workshop and bonuses?

A. You have lifetime access to the workshop and all the bonuses that come with it. You can watch them anywhere and anytime via an easy-to-use online portal.

Q7. Why should I take action now and not delay my purchase?

A. Copywriting is in tremendous demand right now worldwide, and there is comparatively very little competition. So the sooner you take action, the higher the chances of succeeding in this field.

Remember, the price of the workshop won’t be this low forever. And the bonuses that come with it might be taken down at any time without any notice. So taking action now is in your best interest!

Reach out to our Facebook page or via email in case of any queries.