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I’m Armash

I wasn’t always known as one of the most highly rated and highest paid copywriters In Pakistan.

In fact, I come from humble beginnings – a jobless engineer who was depressed, confused, and powerless.

But I didn’t let that define who I am, and decided to fearlessly and relentlessly learn the high-income skill of copywriting.

Ever since, I have worked with clients from around the globe as a direct response copywriter – helping them grow their businesses with the right phrases and charging them dream rates in return.

This has empowered me to consistently make $5000+ per month from the comfort of my home. And I’m now on a mission to empower others achieve the same!

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Years Of Experience

Featured on Troy Ericson's "Secrets of Scale" Podcast

This makes me the first-ever and only Pakistani copywriter to be featured on a podcast of this scale, which is reserved only for world-class marketers and copywriters.

That's another reason why AKC is so powerful-- because you're learning from an internationally recognized, #1 Pakistani copywriter. And this podcast has truly uplifted the image of entire Pakistani copywriting community.

You Think You Have What It Takes to Become a Copywriter?! Let Me Help Achieve It…

And once you have mastered this high-income skill;
your possibilities become limitless.

It’s like your very own super power –
empowering you to work with dream clients,
charge dream rates, and live a dream life.

With my 2 months, comprehensive copywriting program, I have raised the bar of copy teaching standards in my country.

From my students waving goodbye to their 9 to 5 jobs to scaling their incomes to:

$ 1000 +

I have helped them achieved it all.

Now is your chance to do the same, starting with the AKC Workshop.

All I need from you is a fire in the belly and command
over English

So, are you with me?!

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What My Clients Say

Who I Learned From…?!

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What My Students Say

I am so glad I did! Armash is a wonderful teacher, mentor and can even now call him a friend. He goes above and beyond to help you. The classes were broken up in modules and the lectures kept one hooked till the end.
I love being part of the AKC Course Community, it was like all of us were in the trenches together.
On a scale of 1-10, I recommend the course by the 100.
Anam Ashraf Ali
The AKC has been a hell of a ride for me; it not only gave me a wide exposure but empowered me with the most valuable skill of the coming years - Copywriting. I am indebted to him.
It's only been two weeks since the conclusion of the course and I am pretty confident in trying to carve a career out of this valuable skill. I am pretty hopeful that I will make my mentor and fellow course mates proud one day.
So, those of you who are sitting on the fence, don't be indecisive about this course….
Trust me this will be your best investment in yourself this year.
Muhammad Hasaan
I was part of Armash's very first 7-figure copywriting program which was packed with value. it's been a week ever since it completed it and I'm still catching up.
The bonus resources and the extended lectures were exceptionally helpful. I learned everything I needed to learn about freelancing at the marketplace. I'm sure ill be sharing my success story in a while so this is one part of my testimonial.
If you want to learn copywriting regardless of what stage you're at, it is going to help you. You need an accelerator as a freelancer and don't want to waste time on trial and error, it is a steal deal for that.
Zoya Naqvi
I was always confused, I could barely differentiate the sales page from the landing page or homepage, I never had the confidence to jot down emails from 7 different angles, let alone to write FB ads, I didn't have the energy to learn the techniques of persuasion, unique mechanisms or to research the audience awareness levels, and my learning process quickly turned into a horrible nightmare. But the AKC Course incredibly helped me to dramatically reduce my learning curve...
Mahtab Zahra

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Where you can become part of and interact directly with a community of other aspiring and experienced Pakistani content writers and copywriters.

Spoiler Alert: I do free live sessions and invite foreign copywriters to pick their brain every so often, in this very group.

Where you can become part of and interact directly with a community of other aspiring and experienced Pakistani content writers and copywriters.

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