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1. A pre-recorded, 7-classes long, comprehensive marketing program delivered over 14 days (each class dripped every 48 hours. Each class is 2 hours long).

2. 5 best-performing ads by Armash Kamal directly from his vault of successful, high-converting copy to help you model them and bring maximum results.

3. 5 best-performing emails by Armash Kamal directly from his vault of successful, high-performing emails to help you model them and squeeze maximum results from your email list.

4. 2 top performing video ads by Armash that have been providing explosive results for over 1.5 years straight.

5. Access to dedicated community of other marketers — a private Facebook group with like-minded people ready to help and grow.

6. Direct access to Armash Kamal for all queries related to marketing, copywriting, sales, and funnels. 

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