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Thank You For Purchasing The AKC Copywriting Workshop!

Now That You've Paid For The Workshop, I Want To Confess Something...

I’m guilty of hiding something from you — a secret basically. But, you see, I only came to know about this secret recently after some students reached out to me telling me how I had given them something that is unbelievably powerful and almost unfair.

Unfair because it was giving them an EDGE over everyone else in the industry and giving them remarkable results (when they implemented it).

Now because you took action and are serious about changing your life, I’m now revealing this secret to you.

The secret consists of a 3-part offer.

An offer so powerful that it will empower you to become a highly-paid email copywriter faster than ever (if you implement what you learn inside).

But remember, this offer is only available on this page and won’t be available anywhere else on the internet. Once you leave this page, it’s gone gone.

So here is what’s included in this 3-part offer.


1. 30-Day Roadmap To Start Earning Dollars As An Email Copywriter - Call Recording (Value: Rs 28,500)

It’s the recording of an hour-long coaching call I did with a Europe-based aspiring email copywriter (Davis) who wanted to get a clear roadmap to kickstart his journey. 

I charged him $100 for this call, which make the value of this call alone Rs 28,500/-.

During this call, I talk about:

1. Email copywriting, its potential, and the best way to practice email copy

2. Powerful angles A-list copywriters use to sell more of everything with ease

3. List of proven angles (I personally use) when writing email sequences for clients (while charging them hundreds of dollars)

4. The ONLY powerful resource that has already helped hundreds of my students get rid of writer’s block forever and write copy like naturals

5. How to hunt email copywriting clients quickly and easily with proven methods that I only teach inside my high-end programs

6. Answering his burning questions and summarizing the entire roadmap for him to follow

2. My Personal Cold Email, Sales Email, and Email Sequences Samples (Value: Rs 15,000)

Yes, I give you multiple samples of my own email copy pieces that I have written for clients over the years.

This includes email copywriting samples for cold emails, sales emails, auto-responder/sales email sequences, and more…

Simply put, after studying my samples, you’ll have a better understand of how a winning email copy or email sequence is written… and you’ll be able to confidently pitch your services to different clients.

3. ONE Powerful Resource/Tool To Say Goodbye to Writer's Block Forever (Value: Rs 8,000)

This is the resource that has received the most praise from my AKC Program (high-end copywriting program) students time and time again. 

This tool empowers you to get rid of blank-page syndrome forever and helps you write any type of copy without staring at screen for hours.

In fact, I still use this resource to this day (and have it in hard form printed) to get winning angles, ideas, and opening statements from this tool.

Previously, this resource was only shared with my high-ticket program students, but today you have the chance to get it at the fraction of the cost.

The Best Part: Get It All For Just Rs 3990 Today! (Total Value: Rs 51,500)

Yes, the total value of the powerful 3 things you are getting with this special One-Time-Offer today is Rs 51,500/-

But if you take action right now, without leaving this page, you can get it for just Rs 7990/-

Here is exactly what you are getting with this offer:

1. 30-Day Email Copywriting Roadmap Zoom Call Recording with Davis (1 hour long) — super powerful, practical tips to start email copywriting career in as little as 30 days

2. My personal email copywriting samples of cold emails, sales emails, and email sequences to study, learn, and grow

3. ONE powerful resource to get rid of blank page syndrome forever and start writing high-converting copy without any guesswork

Note: When you pay Rs. 3990/- more in the provided bank account on the next page, you’ll get this 3-part offer + AKC workshop (you bought on previous page) within 24 hours (after verification of payment).

If for some reason, you don’t get access to everything you purchased, please send an email to: [email protected]. My team will get this sorted ASAP.

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