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1. A pre-recorded 2.5-hour long, comprehensive workshop on the high-income skill of copywriting from the highest-rated copywriter in Pakistan

2. Ads and Emails copy samples of Armash Kamal directly from his vault of successful, high-converting copy to shortcut your learning journey

3. A comprehensive 1.5-hour long copy breakdown session where Armash Kamal breaks down all types of his copy samples and reveals his exact thought process behind every piece of copy.

4. Ads and Emails Copy portfolio assignments along with instructions to complete these exercises. So you can have a portfolio for these two in-demand types of copywriting to show to clients.

5. 75-minute Recording of an exclusive LIVE Q&A session on freelancing and Fiverr. Pure gold to help you understand the best practices and proven strategies to ascend the world of freelancing.  

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The demand for copywriting is exploding worldwide. By getting into this high-income skill today, you’re striking the iron while it’s hot.

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