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Before you go, may I tell you a weird prediction I made about you?

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Now you might have watched the movie “Seven Sins”. If not…

I’m not going to offer a link to that movie, lol.


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Seven (07) of my Winning Upwork Proposals (With Breakdown of Each Proposal) 😱

These Upwork proposals are responsible for getting me long-term copywriting clients and thousands in revenue.

Originally, I only used to share them with my AKC Program students (my premium 2-months LIVE copywriting coaching program).

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Imagine understanding the purpose of every single line I write in each proposal that gets me responses…

And helps me close clients on Upwork.

You know what it can do for you…

Simply put, it will help you write proposals like a pro and land more jobs than ever.

Oh, and as a cherry on top… I won’t remove the links to some of my copy samples I shared with my clients in these proposals.

Can it get any better than this?!

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