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Empowering You to Kickstart Your Copywriting Journey And Earn in Dollars...

Even if You Have Never Written a Word of Copy or Content in Your Life Before!

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Dear Future Copywriter,

Has the recent inflation got to your nerves — keeping you up at night and taking away your peace and happiness?

Think about the ever-increasing economy crisis, soul-crushingly high gas prices, and ridiculously low salaries.

Here is the thing…

If you want to finally take control of your finances by learning the high-income skill of copywriting…

Work with breezy, dream international clients who pay you top dollars for your services…

Set your own hours, live life on your terms, and be able to support your family and afford anything your heart desires…

While others struggle to cope up with the rising inflation and envy your success in few short months…

Then this is the most important letter you’ll read today!

It doesn’t matter if you are a content writer or someone who has never written anything professionally in your life before,
this opportunity is right for you.

In the next 93 seconds, you’ll discover how you can leverage your written English skills (the very thing you have been learning since the age of 4, maybe earlier) to turn your life around for the better…

And join the ranks of others who have done the same (myself included).

Wondering Who’s Behind this Life-changing Copywriting Workshop?

Hi, my name is Armash Kamal and I’m the highest rated and most sought-after copywriter in Pakistan.

You might have seen me on my YouTube channel with over 35,000 dedicated copy-learning subscribers.

Or you may have been part of my Private Facebook Group — the largest copywriting comunity in Pakistan with over 54,000 members.

After spending years learning and implementing my copy skills (have worked on 3500+ copywriting projects to date)…

And spending thousands of dollars on international training programs, I have realized this one thing:

“Not everyone can afford the international copy courses.”

But I could already see the enormous potential in my fellow Pakistani brothers and sisters when it came to writing…

That’s when I decided to compress all my knowledge and turn it into an easy-to-follow, super-affordable, and powerful Workshop.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell that I was also:

Featured on Troy Ericson's "Secrets of Scale" Podcast

This makes me one of the few copywriters to be featured on a podcast of this scale, which is reserved only for world-class marketers and copywriters.

And this is another reason why AKC Workshop is so powerful -- because you're learning from an internationally recognized, #1 Pakistani copywriter.

Why Businesses Absolutely Love Copywriters…

(…and are willing to pay a premium for their services)

This ties back to the very definition of copywriting. You see, copywriting is anything that is written to sell something or to drive a particular action.

It provides instant returns to your clients – whether it be more sales, leads, subscribers, clicks on ads, replies on emails, call schedules, donations for charity, and so on…

They consider copywriting as an investment and not an expense. That’s why they’re willing to pay top dollars to established, high-converting copywriters.

By entering into this one of the world’s highest-paid skills, you can open a world of opportunities for yourself and scale your income to 6-figures and beyond in no time.

Fun Fact: You can charge a minimum of $50 for just one page of copy (even as a complete beginner). And this can scale to $300+ per page over time (a student of mine charged this to a client for a homepage copy).


Free Resources
Ain’t the Way…

Think about it. How often do you hear the term:
“Copy is 100% learnable skill”?

Despite that, many struggle to learn it properly, or learn it at all.

Some get stuck in the slow-burning trap of watching YouTube videos while others fanatically read every book they can find on copy.

What’s the end result?

Overwhelm | Confusion | Hopelessness

Well, I’m here to tell you that after this comprehensive, actionable Copywriting Workshop, you will be empowered to start writing copy without ever staring at a blank screen…

Why am I so confident?

Because it’s not my first time teaching it, and you won’t be the first one to learn it from me.

In fact, I have already taught this high-income skill to hundreds of my students who started from scratch just like you.

And I have seen them achieve enormous successes and hitting massive milestones time and time again…

So I’m very excited to tell you all about the AKC Copywriting Workshop.


AKC Copywriting Workshop


A 2.5-hour long, comprehensive copywriting Workshop that empowers you to go from a complete beginner to earning your first dollars as a copywriter, starting today…

And remember this…

It’s not some “theory-based” workshop that only provides you with ‘more information’ and ‘manifestation’.

It comes with actionable steps, tools, knowledge, and my personal samples that you can start implementing instantly.

In fact, after completing this Workshop, you’ll be able to put yourself out there and start hunting your very first (or next) copy client confidently and fearlessly…

Naimal was just like you
few months ago…

Started from scratch and is now a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr, making $1000 - 1500 per month comfortably!

Heck, even I was just like you only few years ago…

And you can see how I am now making $5000+ per month like clockwork…

The point is…

If I can do it, Naimal can do it, and many of my other students can do it; then so can YOU!

All you have to do is take action and dive into learning this high-income skill the right way.

And that’s what this workshop is here to help you achieve – kickstarting your journey the right way.

Here's What You'll Learn Inside the Workshop


Understanding the basics of Copy like never before (they all thought they knew `em until I revealed this)


Why copy is in such a high demand worldwide and what's the earning potential at all stages of your journey


What are the 7 reasons people buy anything in this world (and how we can leverage them in our copy)


Diving deep into the different types of direct response copy and understanding their difference


Core emotions that A-lister copywriters tap into to sell their clients' stuff online and put more money in their pockets


Little-known, mind-boggling ways to carry out market research to become a mini-expert in any field in as little as 30 minutes


Discovering the secret structure of any winning direct response sales copy (I almost didn't want to give it away)


Breakdown of my personal highly-praised copywriting samples to see how pros write it (...slow tears of joy)


Hunting clients, swipe files, practice exercises to build a portfolio, and more...
(It can't get any better)

Angles in copywriting that I personally use + understanding the easiest and one of the most profitable types of copywriting

Facebook group where you get to hang out with other copywriters, ask questions, and get copy critiques from seniors and peers

30-day proven roadmap to make your first $500 as a freelance copywriter. If you follow it religiously, you'll be on your way to freedom

Do you begin to notice…

Do you begin to notice how signing up for the AKC Copywriting Workshop will empower you to get a step closer towards achieving your financial goals?

And how you will be able to learn the basics of copy and get your first client in no time…

Now I must tell you that the AKC Workshop is not for everyone…

It’s only for people who are willing to take action, become dedicated learners, and willing to implement what they learn…

What My Students Say

There is not a single step I have taken without consulting with Sir Armash Kamal which shows how dedicated he is towards ensuring the success of his students.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that everything I have gained and earned on Fiverr is all because of Allah’s will, Sir Armash Kamal’s utmost guidance, and my mother’s prayers.
Naimal Masood
OMG, Armash Kamal (the 𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧 𝗠𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗢𝗥 𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗥) easily and beautifully simplified the whole process of levelling up our skill-set in ways no one else could.
Mahtab Zahra
Sir Armash Kamal himself... A man who came as a blessing in disguise for me...

He is not merely a trainer, he is way beyond than being a trainer only...
Safdar Memon
I was a bit skeptical at the start but somewhere in my heart, I knew that Armash would prove to be a man of his words.

And YES he did…he proved to be a lot more than the Man of his Words and Claims. I found in him a Mentor, a brother and a Friend.
Muhammad Hasaan

What My Clients Say

AKC Copywriting Workshop is For You If:

You have a fire in the belly and are willing to go the extra mile to learn this skill and change your situation

You are not a writer but good at basic written English – grammar and composition

You are a content or academic writer willing to transition into copywriting to scale your income

You are sick and tired of getting paid a chump change for painstaking writing jobs

You don’t believe in magic pills, overnight successes, or get-rich-quick schemes

You are a digital marketer or a business owner looking to increase your marketing ROIs and revenues

You know that copy is a 100% learnable skill and that my knowledge and samples will tremendously help you learn it

You know the importance of investing in self-education and learning and how it can change your life for the better

But Wait, There’s More…

4 Incredible BONUSES!!!

When you sign up for the AKC Copywriting Workshop today,
you will also get instant access to four most incredible bonuses for FREE.


My Emails and Ads Copy Samples (Value: $49)

Get instant access to my high-converting sales emails and FB/IG ads copy samples. Study `em, model `em, and go impress your clients!


30-Day Roadmap To Start Earning Dollars As An Email Copywriter - Call Recording (Value: $100)

It’s the recording of an hour-long coaching call I did with a Europe-based aspiring email copywriter (Davis) who wanted to get a clear roadmap to kickstart his journey. 

I charged him $100 for this call, which make the value of this call alone $100.


Emails and Ads Copy Portfolio Assignment (Value: $17)

Get access to practical copywriting exercises for emails and ads copy to build your portfolio for these two in-demand types of copywriting. And the best part is, instructions are available on the document to assist you in completing these exercises.


Troy Ericson Email Marketing Masterclass (Value: $197)

Get instant access to 75 minutes of pure gold Q&A session recording about everything Fiverr and freelancing. This session was originally conducted LIVE in my FB group and later deleted. You now get this exclusive session for FREE as a bonus.

The total value of these bonuses is $365. But you get instant access to them for FREE when you sign up for the AKC Copywriting Workshop today!

It simply can’t get any better.

But please note, I might not keep the bonuses available for too long. Because quite frankly, that’s a bit too much value for FREE.

So, if you want to take advantage of the free bonuses, make sure not to leave this page without taking action.

And Now For the Pricing…?

I know what you’re thinking…

“Such a powerful, comprehensive copywriting workshop must be getting sold for a premium.”

And I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that either… After all, I have packed my years of knowledge and experience in these power packed 2 hours.

So, let me ask you this…

How much would you be willing to pay for a workshop that empowers you to start writing your very first piece of copy the right way, starting today…?

And equips you with the knowledge and strategies to hunt and acquire your very first client in no time…

Listen, my usual rates as a copywriter are $100 for 1 hour which would make this 2.5-hour workshop worth $250.

And if you add the value of 4 incredible bonuses that you’re getting (worth $365), the total value of the workshop climbs to $615.

That’s close to 1 lac 15 thousand rupees according to recent conversion rate.

But I am NOT going to charge you $615 for this workshop.

I only want to charge you enough to cover the operational and ad costs for promoting this workshop, and to make a BIGGER impact.

That’s why, for a limited time, I am offering this workshop at an unbelievably one-time low price of:

$37 Only


At this price, this workshop is literally a steal and a complete no-brainer. And I highly urge you to take action before I increase the prices or remove the bonuses.

Wondering Why the Price is so Incredibly LOW?

As you can guess, I could easily charge Rs. 15,000 or more for this workshop and it would still be a fair price.

But I’m not. And the reason is quite simple.

You see, my ultimate goal with this workshop is to provide you with such tremendous value at an unbelievably low price that you become my raving fan for life.

And I’m 100% confident that after receiving unbelievable value in the AKC Workshop, you’ll be sending prayers my way and enticed to enroll in my high-end copy training programs! (Welcome to the AKC family :D)

Here Is Everything You're Getting Today

AKC Workshop + 4 Incredible Bonuses + Money Back Guarantee
USD 37 (One Time Payment)
  • AKC Copywriting Workshop (Instant Online and Lifetime Access)
  • FREE Bonus: My Emails and Ads Copy Samples – Value Rs. $49
  • FREE Bonus: Email Copywriting Roadmap Call Recording - Value $100
  • FREE Bonus: Emails and Ads Copy Portfolio Assignment – Value $17
  • FREE Bonus: Troy Ericson Email Marketing Masterclass - Value $197

How Does it Work?

I have tried to make the entire process absolutely hassle-free, simple, and easy.

All you have to do is:


Submit Your Details

Click the button below to submit your Name, Email, and Contact Number


Make Payment

Submit the payment
by clicking the "Continue to Payment" button on the next page


Share Screenshot

Make the payment
and get access
within 24 hours

Once you have completed the three easy steps above, you will be given access to AKC Workshop and all the free bonuses within 24 hours via email (after verification of the payment).

This is a pre-recorded workshop and access will be given to you via an online portal (Teachable) that you can access anytime from wherever you want. Do check Promotions Tab as well in case you don’t receive the access email in the Primary Inbox folder.

Still on the Fence?

Here’s Your Ironclad 07 Days Money-Back Guarantee!

I don’t just make claims. Neither am I here to make a bunch of quick cash and bail out. I’m building a brand here, and I truly believe that this comprehensive copywriting workshop can help you kickstart your freelance copywriting journey today.

I’m so confident about the enormous value you’ll get out of this workshop that I’m willing to offer a never-before-heard-of guarantee!

So here it is:

If after going through the workshop you believe that it’s not as good as I promised, then I will go ahead and REFUND 100% of your money back. Not only that but you can still keep all the bonuses that come with it as a gift from me!

All you have to do is send me an email asking for a refund within 07 days of enrolling in the workshop. And I’ll go ahead and give it to you. No questions asked.

This takes away all the risk from you and puts it on me, making your decision to enroll in the AKC Copywriting Workshop a complete no-brainer and absolutely risk-free.

So, why wait? Simply click the button below and start your freelance copywriting journey today!

Enroll in AKC Workshop Today (Absolutely Risk-free)

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Do You Want to Regret Later by Missing Out?

Look. There is a right time for every opportunity. Think about crypto, real estate, and any other industry for that matter.

The people who got in early reaped enormous benefits, and are leading a successful, happy life today.

Similarly, copywriting is the hottest niche of 2022. There is an unmatched demand for good copywriters and clients around the globe are willing to pay top dollars for high-converting copy.

Want to see an example?


Now let me ask you this…

Would you take action and grab this lucrative opportunity while the time is still right?

Or would you rather miss out on it and regret later?

The choice is yours.

Remember, the only thing that will never come back in this life is TIME.

So, don’t wait and join hundreds of others who have already enrolled in the AKC Copywriting Workshop and kickstarted their copywriting journey the right way!

Go from Surviving to Living with Copywriting Today

You Have Three Options…

At this point, you basically have only three options:


1. Keep on Struggling

You Press X (or back button), leave this page, and do nothing. In this case, nothing will change. And you will keep on living the same old life and remain stuck in a low-paying boring job or life-demeaning job-hunting process – the very situation you want to change.


2. Figure Out Yourself

You try to figure out everything about copywriting yourself using free resources on the internet. It might take you a good 6 months to a year, and even then you might not be able to understand the core concepts of copy the right way.

3. Get the Shortcut

You take a leap of faith and sign up for the AKC Copywriting Workshop to kickstart your copywriting career and get access to life changing copywriting samples plus a copy breakdown session to write your first paid copy project in no time.

As you probably already know, option # 3 is the only right choice if you want to learn copywriting and take control of your financial situation.

Besides, you cannot go wrong with this option, because your purchase is backed by a 30-Days Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

So, why wait? Sign up for the AKC Copywriting Workshop absolutely risk-free today!

P.S. You are getting a comprehensive 2-hour long copywriting workshop, my personal ads and email copy samples, a complete 2-hour long copy breakdown session recording, and a pure gold Q&A session recording on freelancing. Basically a total value of $615 for just $97 $37.

P.P.S. Your purchase of AKC Copywriting Workshop is backed by 07-days 100% Money-back Guarantee (and you can still keep the bonuses). So there is absolutely no risk involved.

P.P.P.S. You also get practice exercises with step-by-step instructions for ads and emails copy so you can build your portfolio. In fact, you can also get feedback on your exercises in the private Facebook group that you’ll be prompted to join once you purchase the workshop.


Q1. I am not a writer. Can I still take advantage of this workshop?

A. Absolutely yes. Being a writer is not a prerequisite to become a copywriter. But having a good grasp at written English is a must. This includes basic grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Oh, and you must have fire in the belly to change your financial situation.

Q2. I am a content writer and want to switch to copywriting. Will this workshop help me?

A. A big YES. Dozens and dozens of content writers have already transitioned into copywriting after learning from me. And they absolutely love this new kind of highly-paid and extremely interesting form of writing.

Q3. Why are you giving away everything you know for such an unbelievably low price?

A. “It’s not about the money you make. It’s about the impact you make.” I’m here to share my knowledge and help others grow, change their financial situations, and live with their heads held high. Oh, and the prayers that my students send my way, make it absolutely worth it.

Q4. Is there a money back guarantee?

A. Yes. If you don’t experience the benefits promised on this page after watching the workshop and implementing the knowledge, then I’ll go ahead and refund 100% of your money back. No questions asked.
*Refunds must be requested within 30 days of purchasing the workshop.

Q5. What happens after I have made the payment?

A. Once you have made the payment and submitted the payment screenshot, my team will verify the payment and send you instant access to the AKC Copywriting Workshop and all the bonuses via email. You can also get in touch with me directly via email in case of any issues at: [email protected]

Q6. How long do I have access to the workshop and bonuses?

A. You have lifetime access to the workshop and all the bonuses that come with it. You can watch them anywhere and anytime via an easy-to-use online portal.

Q7. Why should I take action now and not delay my purchase?

A. Copywriting is in tremendous demand right now worldwide, and there is comparatively very little competition. So the sooner you take action, the higher the chances of succeeding in this field.

Remember, the price of the workshop won't be this low forever. And the bonuses that come with it might be taken down at any time without any notice.

So taking action now is in your best interest!

Q8. What if I upgrade to AKC Program? Will my workshop fee be adjusted?

A. Yes, if you upgrade to the AKC Program after purchasing the workshop, your fee of workshop will be adjusted in full in the total fee of the program.

You may also get an additional 10% discount on the AKC Program by pre-enrolling in it following the link below:

Q9. What is the difference between the AKC Workshop and AKC Program?

A. AKC Workshop is a pre-recorded mini-course on copywriting with ~ 5 hours of video content and other bonuses. You don't get direct access to Armash Kamal or his team of senior copywriters.

AKC Program is a 2 months long, comprehensive LIVE mentorship program where you master the ins and outs of all types of copy, learn client hunting, and get a portfolio built for all types of copywriting. You also get direct access to Armash Kamal and his team for any queries 24/7.


NOTHING on this web page should be considered as any type of earnings claim (implied or otherwise). This is a comprehensive workshop to teach you the basics of copywriting, and the results would depend on how you use/implement what you learn.

I’d also like to clarify that the income screenshots and success stories displayed throughout this page are from my copy coaching students and not from workshop.

This workshop is not a magic pill or a comprehensive training on copywriting. What I do know is that it can help you write your very first copy and land your very first client IF (and only IF) you PUT in the WORK, COMMITMENT, and PERSEVERANCE to implement what you learn inside.

If you’re not committed to be resilient, put in the work, and stick it out, I’d advise you to pass on this.

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state and show all product proofs and use actual results.

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From live sessions in my Facebook group to the hottest, super-valuable YouTube videos, copywriting workshop, AKC program, and more, I promise to help you become a highly-paid copywriter in few short months.

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